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If you are looking for work in Spain then you are going to need to find accommodation and this can be a little tricky. There are rental companies but most aim themselves at the short term holiday rental market as this is better for them financially. One excellent site for finding apartments for rental for long term in Spain is the website .

They have a long term and short term holiday rental section and once you have found the apartment that you are interested in you can contact the owner directly by filling out a simple enquiry form.

You will usually need to pay a deposit and a month rental in advance. It is easier to find a property in the autumn and winter as in the summer many owners decide to look for short term holiday renters as there is more money per week in this. So if you are thinking of renting out an apartment in Spain for a long period of time then don’t look in the summer, wait until the end of September when more property will become available and with it more choice.

Apartments for rental long term can also be found in local ex-pat newspapers but this involves more work as you will not see any pictures of the property so you can waste a lot of time this way. Viewing properties online is much better, you can make up a short list and then go and view them.

A long-term rental contract in Spain has a duration exceeding one year. If the contract does not exceed five years, it will be renewed automatically upon its expiration, unless the tenant is not willing to renew it. The landlord is obliged to accept these renewals, except when he had previously stated in the contract that he needs to recover the property for his own use before completing the five-year period. After the five-year term, the owner may rescind the contract, provided he had given the tenant 30 days' notice before the end of the contract, otherwise the contract will be automatically renewed for three years, unless the tenant refuse this renewal. When the contract does not stipulate a rental period, it will run for one year.

In all such instances, you should always take the advice of your Spanish Lawyer

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